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The campaign: From Braila to Bucharest

The campaign is about saving 500 dogs from death. The dogs need to be moved before the end of the year from a previous death fence in the city of Braila - to a private private dog fence in the capital Bucharest - where veterinary clinics, staff and another authorized dog fence already exist. Behind the campaign and on location in Romania is the Swedish non-profit charity DogRescue Sweden, which together with DogRescue Romania will lead the business. But it has to go fast, it's a waste of time. '


The contract with the city of Braila where the dogs sit today expires at the turn of the year. The agreement will not be renewed, which means that the dogs that once survived the "death list" will again face the same fate. Therefore the dogs need to be moved immediately.

Garofita Hofmann, veterinarian of DogRescue Romania says:
“From the beginning we agreed with the municipality that we would only take care of the approximately 300 dogs that were there. We did. Although many dogs died every day in the beginning, we managed to turn it all around. The dogs on site became healthy and many were adopted to other European countries and given new homes. But the municipality has continued to throw in new dogs all the time! And now we can no longer cope! There is no finances left for DogRescue to continue to help the dogs in Braila alone. DogRescue does not receive any financial support from the state. DogRescue is at great expense each month to provide 500 dogs! The operating costs in Braila amount to huge sums and it has become impossible to handle the situation because the expenses have become so high and the conditions unpredictable. DogRescue can't do more! "

Today, it has been over two years since DogRescue, after an attentive auction and tough negotiations in the city of Braila, was allowed to take over the dying dog fence Lacu Sarat in northern Romania. For over two years, DogRescue has fought with partner organizations and given the dogs hope for a new life. Now this risks going to nothing and the control over dogs' lives is lost.

Christel Malmberg, Chairman of DogRescue Sweden says:
“With the fundraising campaign, we want to prevent this from happening and save 500 dogs from an agonizing death. Only by moving the dogs to the new fence in Bucharest - can the dogs be saved. But it is in a hurry! The move must take place before Christmas and it requires a lot of money. "

Now we appeal for your help.

Please help us make a difference. To make every life count! Help a dog today. Donate any gift. And share this with your friends on social media. The dogs in Braila will thank you.

  1. What happens if we do nothing?
    The short answer: many dogs will die. When DogRescue intervened in 2014, many dogs were in such a difficult condition that between 15 - 20 dogs died a day. The most seriously ill dogs took DogRescue with them to their veterinary clinic in Bucharest. Every week they started shuttle service between Bucharest to Braila, a car journey that takes 8 hours round trip. Eventually, the dog kennel in Braila began to recover. The dogs got a different look and a twinkle in the eye that had not been seen before. They had won back their lives, the dogs had begun to live again. Now you are threatened to take this from the dogs again, in the most cruel way of all. With an uncertain contract and high costs every month that are invested in a fence you rent, you can not continue to develop the business in Braila. It is now public that the contract with Lacu Sarat in Braila will not be renewed. The dogs must leave immediately.
  2. Why is 500 000 SEK needed?
    We expect it to cost about SEK 1000 per dog, of which 500 dogs * 1000 SEK = 500 000 SEK. The calculation is made on the basis of a budget for relocation, transport, kennels, land and hut and straw. This is a preliminary budget. Of course, we hope to get more money. Every crown is needed!
  3. Why is the campaign coming out so late?
    We have since February 2016 been looking for a safe place at a reasonable price - and have now found it near Bucharest which is necessary. During the summer and autumn we have been negotiating with authorities, municipalities and other interested parties and have finally found a sustainable and long-term solution for these dogs.
  4. Why exactly 500 dogs?
    Today there are about 500 dogs in the dog fence. Several international organizations that DogRescue has previously collaborated with will soon try to bring in dogs that have been previously reserved. However, most of the dogs are not reserved and ready for adoption yet. Hundreds of dogs run the risk of being left behind. There are also significantly more dogs in the area around Braila, which means that the new fence should try to receive as many new dogs as possible.
  5. Why don't you use your 90 account?
    We do not use a 90-account because we want every penny collected to go to the purpose of saving lives and dogs - not to the high fees required for a 90-account. DogRescue books in accordance with the Accounting Act and regularly hires an external accounting firm for help with collected money and expenses. The association also has an authorized public accountant who helps with the annual accounts.
  6. Will you receive volunteers?
    Yes of course but at cost price. A volunteer program is underway to make it the best for anyone who wants to come down and help on site. Starting in the spring of 2017, we hope that our first volunteer workers will be able to go down and help on site. More information on this will come.
  7. When the dogs are moved what happens then?
    All dogs are registered in our new database. The dogs that have a chance at a new family and adoption should get it. The dogs that cannot live in a family come to DogRescue Sanctuary - a sanctuary in the country where he takes care of a family who for various reasons are unable to live with a normal family.
  8. Will you be greeted in the new fence?
    Absolutely, we will have easier housing available so you and our staff can visit the fence. You will always feel welcome. In addition to round-the-clock staff, there will also be camera surveillance, fencing around the entire facility, functioning electricity, water and wastewater.
  9. How do I best help?
    It is possible to donate internationally via regular bank transfer, credit card, Paypal or Swish (only within Sweden). You can donate from any country in the world. All money raised goes to rescue these dogs from death. After donating an optional grant, you are welcome to share this information with your friends via Social Media. Then you increase the chance further!
  10. What happens after the collection is completed?
    Ongoing information about the project will be sent out after the collection is completed. You will receive news about the project via email. If you do not want to receive news about the project, simply opt to unsubscribe from future mailings.


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