Susanne and Caroline came home last Saturday with three of our jewels who are now gently starting their new lives
Sometimes you think it is just nice to go down to the fence but there are so many emotions and so much anxiety that comes with the "purchase" .. Read Susanne's travel story here about the days in Romania

Susanne writes:
So many thoughts fluttering after Friday's visit to our fence in Butimanu. So many lives, many with stories that would have the worst horrorlm to fade in comparison.

Some look a little cautious, unsure and afraid of what our hands should do. Another takes courage and sneaks up behind us, sniffing gently standing on toe and prepared to flee. Others throw themselves forward, try to cling and refuse to let go of us. Pushing away the others, creeping into our arms and trying to stick. Some flee into their creeps, dare not meet us at all. Staying at a safe distance and observing our movements.

It hurts to go from there. An emptiness spreads in the body. I feel powerless. Nothing I do feels enough. They are safe, rescued from the street and from the municipal deathbeds, they receive food and water, have protection against the weather and wind and avoid hitting and kicking.

But they have no one who loves them, who caress them over their backs when they wake up at night, who tenderly peel away the garbage stuck in their fur, who spoon with them on the sofa in the evenings and dry their fur after rain. They do not have their own bed to rest on, no own harness that is put on every day for walks, no own toys chosen for them. No one who devotes to them the time and love they need to flower. And they are all worth it. To be loved for their own sake.

Today I hug my own tail children a lot. Grateful that they are among the select ones who have their own homes. And I know that I will never stop getting involved in order for more people to come home. Reminds myself that every effort makes a difference. It's like scooping a spoon out of a sea, but for every single individual who gets a home, it's all worth it - a life