Notice of the DogRescues Annual Meeting 2020
The current fiscal year 2019

When:Monday, June 29 at noon
Var: The annual meeting will be held through conference calls
Information about the meeting
Important dates:
Motions to the Board must be with us by this day.
These should be sent to info@dogrescue.se
The nomination committee / alternate members must present their proposal to the association to the association no later than this day, ie 2 weeks before the annual meeting. The association will then also present received proposals in an accessible place to the members no later than 2 weeks before the annual meeting.
Members' suggestions are sent to info@dogrescue.se
These persons are eligible for election to the Board of Directors, but you can also propose their own persons and be careful about the reasons for these persons and that the persons hold membership criteria and knowledge levels about the association that is being put.

Registration for participants who wish to attend the annual meeting is most recent on 22 / 6 to info@dogrescue.se where also telephone number and code can be obtained for participation. Other documents can be requested for members at info@dogrescue.se specify the type of document desired.

Well met at the annual meeting of the DogRescue Association