Many thanks! Today we are proud!

2019-07-19 Today we can not be grateful enough for this fantastic donation that an anonymous Swedish company in Bucharest has given the association and the dogs An incredibly nice car where we will be able to save and drive many animals to a new future and help as we...

Annual meeting

2019-06-04 Notice of the Association DogRescues Annual Meeting 2019 Applicable fiscal year 2018 When: Wednesday 26 June at 10.00 Where: The annual meeting will be held via conference call Information about the meeting Important dates: 12/6 Motions to the board must be with us at the latest .. .

Our little puppy guy also got a name!

2019-03-27 Even the little puppy guy who came running on the road all alone greets so well that everything is good Food in the stomach every day, someone who cares and love a lot.. Far away from the suffering in the field..He has today named Wilmer So welcome Wilmer to ...

The Volvo girl has been named!

2019-03-27 A small greeting from the Volvo girl who now looks and has proved to be a real fighter We have today dared to give her a very own name so welcome to life little Wilma

Afraid and insecure but in safety!

2019-03-27 Update! They are still scared and wonder what is going on and how they have ended up here..As when cleaning and cleaning their kennel when everything was very strange for them but a must to get in clean soft beds to lie on Now they do not .. .

Big thanks Mission 46 is over!

2019-03-23 ​​We say a big thank you to everyone involved, not least to the team and all staff who were on site during Mission 46 in our enclosure where they worked until late in the evening to end this campaign 128 animals were neutered for 2 days, which means to...