Claims and Guarantees


1. To book a dog through DogRescue you must be 25 years or older.

2. All family members must be aware of and stand up for the fact that the new dog has the right to unconditionally demand patience, time, love and gentle training methods from his family. Your attitude should be "the dog is always right".

3. The arrival of the dog should be carefully planned, the dog should not be left alone except for planned alone training the first 24 hours and the environment around the dog should be calm during the first weeks. If the dog must then be left alone more than 5 hours per day then the dog should have a day mat or be on a dog day.

4. The dog should never be put on a leash or in a cage. For shorter storage in a doghouse, the regulations of the Swedish Agricultural Agency SJVFS 1999: 111 apply. We do not allow the dog to be put in a doghouse for extended periods.

5. As a dog owner, you need to be aware that your dog may have experienced traumatic and nasty events in their lives. Therefore, you must prepare to give the dog what is needed for it to adapt and thrive in its new environment and be prepared to work long term with different problem behaviors and to only use gentle training methods.

6. Dogs with bodily defects that are not transient or curable are sometimes classified as disabled. This category does not include biting errors, early osteoarthritis and arthritis that have not been detected before departure. Also, dysplasia that has not given symptoms, luxations and early cataracts is not a reason for the dog to be classified as disabled.

7. As the owner of a dog through DogRescue, you must also arrange for the association to contact you for follow-up of the dog in Sweden. In the first place we want to have contact via telephone, but it may also be relevant with home visits.

8. If DogRescue finds that the dog is not treated well or is in bad shape, we have the right to return the dog. In these cases, no compensation is paid. In case of violation of the Animal Protection Act 1988: 534 (with amendments), the relevant regulatory authorities will be engaged.

9. As the owner of a dog through DogRescue, you undertake to take out a veterinary insurance for your dog within three weeks of the dog's arrival date and register the dog with the Swedish Agricultural Agency. Agriculture; Phone: 0771-223 223, Email: or direct link here, form, E21.
All dogs in Sweden must be labeled and registered by law, read here.

10. If for any reason the dog cannot stay with you, you must immediately notify DogRescue. In that case, we want to take the dog back and make sure the dog gets a new, approved by us, home. As an owner you undertake not to reposition the dog or kill the dog yourself.

11. Cancellation of the dog goes under section 37 section of the Consumer Purchase Act. In the case of a consumer purchase, the buyer has the right to cancel the product (the dog) before it has been collected. In such cases, the seller is entitled to compensation for reasonable costs incurred as a result of the buyer canceling the purchase. Reasonable costs for DogRescue are (vaccination, arranged by passport, part of travel and traveler) and according to this agreement, the seller must cancel the booking fee made at the time of booking at the buyer's cancellation.
If the dog is canceled by us for a reasonable reason, the entire sum paid including the booking fee will be refunded.

12. DogRescue for the current register of all dogs that came home through the association and therefore we want you to update your contact details if you change your address. Email details to:


1. Your dog has been prepared for his journey according to current entry rules:

* Distemper
* Parvo
* Leptospirosis
* Parainfluenza

Your dog has been tested for:
* Heartworm
* Lyme -Borrelia
* Ehrlichia
* Anaplasma - infection caused by Anaplasma
* Brucela
* Babesia
* Giardia

In addition:
* Dog ID-marked with microchip
* Castrated (for females both uterus and ovaries are removed)
* Dismantling even against dwarf bandworm
* Full documentation included with dog in the form of EU passport

Your dog gets a named contact person within DogRescue who independently follows up and is interested in you and your dog. The contact person is helpful with support, advice and tips and you are of course welcome to contact whenever you want.


1. That the dog's behavior meets your expectations. The character and behavior of the dog is largely dependent on the environment in which it is located, which means that an environmental change also gives a change in behavior. The dog has been described based on the character and behavior it exhibited in his Romanian home environment and as the owner you are responsible for the dog getting positive experiences and feeling safe in his new home environment and thus you also influence the dog's behavior in the desired direction.

2. We reserve ourselves against hidden faults which we could not reasonably have foreseen and which with the limited technical equipment in Romania have not been able to ascertain. Hidden faults can be, for example, intestinal diseases, non-symptomatic osteoarthritis and arthritis as well as surgeries, non-symptomatic dysplasias and luxations, early eye diseases.