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DogRescue is a non-profit association that works to save lives and make a real difference. Every year we help dogs both from the harsh world of the street but also through castrations and save them from so-called "death lists" while waiting for death. Of all these dogs - we succeed in adopting a few dogs who get a new home in Sweden with affectionate people who open up their home to a new family member. DogRescue works from Sweden but is also on site in Romania.

Private dog fence

DogRescue owns and operates its own private dog shelter (shelter) which is of a high standard and is one of the few with a small veterinary clinic where hundreds of dogs together with the staff are like one big family. Our private kennel also meets all the requirements that exist and is authorized and approved by the authorities - a status that many other private dog kennels never succeed in achieving. We also have the only enclosure we know of, our own dog pool and activation park where the dogs take turns playing, training and socializing. We have built our fence from the ground up, from raw land to what it is today to be independent of others and have full insight and control over the entire business. We continue to develop and improve our fence daily - as we grow.


Private veterinary clinic

DogRescue also runs a larger private veterinary clinic in the middle of Bucharest with modern equipment where both our own dogs and private customers with animals receive care. The clinic has many veterinary staff who perform analyzes, orthopedics, surgery and cosmetic surgery for both dogs and cats. The clinic has a good reputation and the founder who we bought the clinic from and who we still work with is named one of Europe's best specialist veterinarian for dogs.

Castration, emergency response and education campaigns

Every year, DogRescue also conducts campaigns in several cities where we castrate dogs on the streets, we make emergency efforts where we save lives on dogs that are injured and we disseminate information through schools. We believe that education and attitude change go hand in hand with changing the conditions for the animals, in countries where you do not respect animals the same way we do at home in Sweden.

We are operating completely non-profit

The association is run entirely non-profit, which means that no wages are allocated more than to employees in Romania and every penny goes to the purpose. Since the association only receives donations from private individuals and usually smaller companies (no government grants), your gift is incredibly important to us. You can choose to support us in many different ways. Either through a pure donation via swish or bank transfer, by becoming a support member, by purchasing one of our Gift Vouchers or by shopping for your dog's products in our online store that you still need and would otherwise have bought in another store.

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Bank account: 614 9066

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