Apply for emergency services

Have you many times felt that you could help but do not know how?

Sometimes, acute situations can arise that need to be resolved for our dogs in a fast and easy way and it is not always possible to wait until the right family shows up. It can be anything from a crisis in the family where it has come to something else that is urgent when you have to relocate your dog for other reasons. It can also be dogs that feel really bad about living in a fence with many other dogs or a dog that needs more care and supervision when it has become very exposed in their home country and it can be a dog that needs to come urgently home when it is lost the little spark that once existed.

Being a caretaker means a great responsibility and that you are at least 25 years full but also a joy in being able to help a life on the road to a better and brighter future, we can never guarantee the time the dog needs you and therefore we will together Do the planning needed if your home is approved as a on-call home. We will also have continuous contact and follow-up on the dog who is on duty. Have you known many times that you could help but don't know how?

Setting up as a shelter is a big help for many vulnerable dogs, so submit an interest registration below and you will be contacted for more information by our shelter manager for the shelter group

Many thanks for helping.