The story of Arak

He came to be called Arak!
Alone and hunted in the village where for several years he sought food and shelter he was now hunted because he did not look like everyone else.
They were stoned and kicked and struck with slurs after him when he was to be chased away from the village.
Arak was not worth a lifetime, he looked strange when he had an outgrowth on his leg that resembled a big bump of over 4 kg and he ran his ability to escape it most often without even getting a bite to eat. .
Arak was hated by everyone and he didn't know why.!

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Arak was chased and ran for his life and therefore had to be stunned with an arrow to be able to be captured for safety and security far away from the terrible life he has been exposed to for so long.

With a tumor and an outgrowth of over 4 kg, he had a hard time living a normal life and also had a very tough life when he had to protect himself from both humans and other stray dogs in different territories. Arak was without a chance and would most likely have suffered a painful death if no one had sounded the alarm and asked for help.

Immediate surgery was necessary and the removal of a tumor just over 4 kg was started.

The operation was successful and Arak woke up. Several kilos lighter, without a large tumor hanging at one leg.

Light and tumbled, but somewhat reserved. He was placed in DogRescue's private dog fence where he was injected with a syringe for three weeks and continued to be treated to recover. Today he lives in the fence with the other dogs and receives food and care but is also ready for adoption.

An Arak that is "whole" again and in good spirits! An older guy who learns to trust people and has now slowly regained his trust despite everything he has been through. For Arak, it ended well in the end, but without all of you donating money - we would not have been able to do anything.