Short break from new adoptions!

Due to the prevailing situation regarding the spread of covid -19 and full focus will be on already booked dogs
with its new families we will make a break from new adoptions
for a few weeks.

In the meantime, we will update this page with both new and "old" dogs so that more dogs
will get a chance at a life of security.

For other information that does not concern new adoption, please contact

We do not accept new expressions of interest during this time regarding the dogs that are in Romania, but ask you to keep an eye here and when we open for adoptions again, you are warmly welcome again. If it is a dog that is already in Sweden for relocation, you are warmly welcome with your registration of interest to us. 

Dogs for relocation in Sweden

Dogs for relocation in Sweden!



Albu ❤
Albu is the guy we remember from the last transport when he came loose and in our despair we did not know if he would be able to catch or not. Thanks to all the zealots who were on site and who got there, the evening could finally have a happy ending.
When everyone was cut, not least Albu himself, we decided that he needed a rehabilitation place where we could let him rest up close and also assess him up close. Albu has proven to be a fantastic guy and we believe that his rehab time is now beginning to come to an end ..
When we, in consultation with his mother, made a decision for Albus' best interests that he should not live in the city but in the country with a garden, we are now looking for his forever home. Mum lives close to busy roads and already has 2 small dogs through us and even though she does not want to let go of Albu, she understands that the optimal for him is not in an apartment. Therefore, we now choose together that he can move directly to a new home from the rehab home he is in now.
Albu was born in 2013 and we see that you live in the country or in a house with a fenced garden as he should not live in an apartment, we also see that there are no small children when he has reached the age and would feel good to have all the attention he so desperately wants and needs. A guy that you will now have a hard time letting go of but since his current rehab home has more dogs that need attention, we want to give him a home where he can continue to flourish as the nice guy he is ..
If you are interested in giving him a home forever, get in touch with us with an expression of interest:
Rufus Fd Pluto

Rufus Fd Pluto

Rufus is still looking for his home❤
Rufus (formerly Pluto) is a guy who has adapted well at home with the family where he is very responsive, cuddly and wants everyone well in his "flock". He loves and cuddles and he is always willing to learn new things and to do "right"
But since the company is large in the family, he can not handle strangers as he becomes very suspicious of people who are not part of his immediate environment. Rufus lives today in the middle of the big city and he is struggling as there is far too much happening around him. Therefore, a tough decision for the family has now been made for Rufus' sake as he needs a home that is quiet in an area that does not belong to the city ..
We are therefore looking for a quiet home for this guy where it can be a safe friend who can continue to show him the way.
There should be no children or a larger interaction with children in the home as this makes him very insecure and stressed ..
If you are out there who can give Rufus a quiet life, preferably in the country, get in touch with us with an expression of interest ..
If we proceed with your request, we will tell you more and you will get in touch with the current owner for more information.
Rufus is 2 years old, weighs 26 kilos and is 58 cm in height.
You can find an interest registration here:


Where are you with knowledge, experience and a will to never give up? Sindy is still urgently looking for a new home ..
Together with only her mother, she is a compliant, cozy, cuddly and happy girl. ❤️
When she meets people and other dogs outside, it often works very well as long as no child comes forward. M a mistress can never invite anyone home nor let anyone look after Sindy when she is completely only accepts math.
In our shelter, Sindy was a timid and friendly girl who was found with her mother, father and little sister out in a field that is all now in Sweden. Sindy makes outbursts and “sets” people… most likely due to insecurity and insecurity.
We are looking for you who live in the countryside, have a lot of time, patience and who are not intimidated by a dog with this behavior and who have also gladly worked with / owned a dog with similar problems.
We are looking for you who are quite "unsocial" and who enjoy being with your dog a lot and who have clear routines.
One or two people in the household, no children or young people.
Once Sindy releases the guard and gets that security and peace of mind, she will become your best friend.
You must be completely safe that this is something that you can handle and have patience for. We are of course behind you with support tips and advice, but you must be aware of what you are getting into. That said, when Mum is with Sindy, she's so cute, charming and very good. Sindy is a very smart girl ❤
Sindy turned 2 years old in May.
Weight about 13-14 kg
Fill in an expression of interest here on our website where we now only accept expressions of interest regarding Sindy Albu and Pluto.
You can find an interest registration here: