Dogs for relocation in Sweden

Dogs for relocation in Sweden!




We are looking for the home of nice Andy who wonders when it will be his turn?
Andy is still looking for his own home where he can be trained to meet other people but also a home where he can feel safe surrounded by lots of love ..
For the current teacher, it is difficult to live alone and almost isolated with very few contacts and in these corona times it can leave its mark and the teacher now feels that he needs more than she can ever give him.
Andy is a guy who has become suspicious of people he does not know because his mother lives in the country with very few contacts around him. It goes well with other safe dogs and he has some people in his close "herd" that he becomes
very happy to meet but it is not enough.
Andy needs positive contacts in a safe environment and preferably a stable bitch in the family that he can play and feel safe with. Andy came to Sweden in November last year and the teacher has hesitated for a long time but for Andy's sake the decision has been made and we hope that Andy finds his home where he can feel safe even though there are unknown people around him.
Andy was born in 2017, weighs about 17 kg and a guy who is now looking for his forever home where he can continue to flourish as the nice dog he turned out to be ❤ 
If you are interested, send us an expression of interest:


 Bailey ❤ 
When Bailey lived in Romania, there was a rumor that all the dogs would be poisoned in a larger area. A family that had fed Bailey and his siblings with mom took the whole little family and hid them in a garage. The next day, all the dogs in the area had been poisoned and killed. Their hiding place also became the ticket to a second chance and to continue living.
Bailey is today in Sweden in an emergency home and since he does not thrive in a larger herd, he must be allowed to find a home as soon as possible. The time in Romania has left its mark and Bailey has shown a fear of men which many of these dogs can do. 
This is a guy who walks nicely on a leash, seeks your eye contact all the time where he also seeks security in a leader who understands the fears of these dogs. He needs to come to a quiet home where he can preferably live alone and get the attention he really so desperately needs, preferably in the country or on the outskirts of the city. 

If you want to be Bailey's family forever, get in touch so that his life can begin "for real"  

Bailey comes through another association, but since the emergency home is full and we have known about this association for many years, we have promised to help and take care of any expressions of interest from future families who want to give this nice guy a chance. 

Submit your expression of interest as soon as possible if you think you are the right person for the guy. 
Bailey was born in 2019. 

 You can find an interest registration here:

Rufus Fd Pluto

Rufus Fd Pluto

Rufus is still looking for his home❤
Rufus (formerly Pluto) is a guy who has adapted well at home with the family where he is very responsive, cuddly and wants everyone well in his "flock". He loves and cuddles and he is always willing to learn new things and to do "right"
But since the company is large in the family, he can not handle strangers as he becomes very suspicious of people who are not part of his immediate environment. Rufus lives today in the middle of the big city and he is struggling as there is far too much happening around him. Therefore, a tough decision for the family has now been made for Rufus' sake as he needs a home that is quiet in an area that does not belong to the city ..
We are therefore looking for a quiet home for this guy where it can be a safe friend who can continue to show him the way.
There should be no children or a larger interaction with children in the home as this makes him very insecure and stressed ..
If you are out there who can give Rufus a quiet life, preferably in the country, get in touch with us with an expression of interest ..
If we proceed with your request, we will tell you more and you will get in touch with the current owner for more information.
Rufus is 2 years old, weighs 26 kilos and is 58 cm in height.
You can find an interest registration here: