Sleep Good little Bambi
We have been informed today that Bambi is no longer with us…
Bambi was operated on for the second time in her leg and complications were sustained after the operation which she did not manage to do, however, she did not suffer, but has quietly fallen asleep and has constantly received pain relief which, after all, she has not been in pain. An infection occurred that did not bring with her and she did not respond to the treatment given ..

Bambi has always been fine and she has to suffer thanks to our veterinary team and go a tormented death was met alone in the field. She has always been met by love that she gladly received but today it is with great sadness in our hearts that we have to give this message…
Big thanks to all of you who have been with us and Bambi on this trip for a future that unfortunately did not want to be like us .. Sleep well in your new country Bambi where you can now run freely without pain