Sleep well fine Ares

Ares is one of the dogs that was dumped by his owner when he left the country and the neighbors made alarms ..

A couple of days ago he suffered from organ failure and had to be rushed to the clinic where they have been fighting day and night for his life which in the end could not be saved and he has fallen asleep after a fight that neither he nor the veterinarians could overcome.

Ares was hit by babesios and when he belongs to the rottweiler breed is usually the end this as these dogs are extra sensitive and very difficult to save back to life despite intensive care ..

Ares is no longer with us and heaven has got a new angel to take care of .. We really regret that you did not get the opportunity to experience a new nice family that could take care of you and it hurts our hearts when we think what fate you went to was met ..

We also say a big thank you to your father Christina who has been loyal to you for a long time and followed your journey in our fence

Sleep well Ares and run free in your new country without the pain and sorrow of your past life