Hear Marina tell us about adopting a dog

Step 1 - Read on!

Start by reading through ours claims and guarantees. Take a few days to think about what you can offer a dog and what you have in store for a new family member.

Do you live an adventurous, sporty and active life that the dog should participate in? Do you enjoy strolling in green areas and having a faithful friend next to you on the sofa when the evening comes? Who should be a dog guard when you have to leave your dog? And most importantly; Do you have the patience, empathy and dog knowledge that will be required of you when you and your dog encounter problems?

Step 2 - Submit your Interest Report!

If you feel that you meet the requirements that we impose on our adopters and want to give one of our dogs a loving and good life, then it is now time to take a closer look at the dogs that are relevant for adoption and fill out a application of interest. On the homepage you will find basic information about each dog and further knowledge about the individual dogs can be found at DogRescue's placeholder.

Step 3 - Get in touch

When your registration of interest has been received, you will soon be contacted by one of our investors. When the investment manager returns to you by phone, we then have the opportunity to ask questions to each other and jointly discuss the possible choice of dog. It is the job of the investor to ensure that the right dog comes to the right home and that every dog ​​gets the very best conditions in his new life. It may therefore happen that we do not agree with your favorite dog, but instead suggest another dog that we think will suit you better.

Step 4 - The dog is booked

In order for a dog to be booked, both you and the investor must feel satisfied and confident with the decision. A night's sleep before the final decision is made is therefore necessary for both parties. When you book your dog it is an advantage if you have also thought through when you can receive the dog. The time should be chosen so that you can stay home with the dog for the first few weeks. We cannot at this time promise a travel date for the dog, but we will plan for the dog to come as close to the desired time as possible.

When your dog is booked

  • Transfer for dog : From 4 months is SEK 7.300  
  • You can choose to pay the full amount depending on what the dog's transfer is at the time of booking.
  • Alternatively, you pay SEK 2500 at the time of booking and the remaining amount at least 14 days before the arrival of the dog.
  • The money is deposited at DogRescues BankGiro 614–9066 and in the message field, enter your first and last name + the dog's name.
  • The formal transfer agreement will be sent to you as soon as we have a date for the dog's arrival and must then be signed in two copies, which you then send back and as soon as your dog is home you will have one signed copy sent to you by us. Signing also means that you agree to our "claims and guarantees".
  • If it is the association that for some reason cancels your dog, you will get back the entire booking fee, but if it is you who suddenly chooses to cancel a dog that is being prepared for return home, you will not get this fee back. 


Before arrival

  • Approximately 10-14 days in advance, you will be informed by phone or email of a definite date and time for the dog's arrival. About 2-7 days before arrival, you will be called by your Contact Person, for a conversation in peace and quiet, regarding the practical matters surrounding the return home. When you finally go to the designated meeting place to pick up your dog, there should be no unanswered questions that make you feel unsafe or insecure.
  • At the designated meeting place, you and the other Adopters meet a representative from DogRescue, about half an hour before the dog's arrival time.
  • You will then receive your Romanian friend with the help of our receptionist. You will be helped to put on the collar and leash that you have brought with you. Also, make sure you have a bowl of water and something really tasty to offer your dog - a meatball can help even the shyest dog overcome his fears! It can also be good to have dog poo bags and a roll of paper towels with you. Many dogs experience fear of what is happening and are very tired after the journey, so be prepared that you have to carry your dog to the car or that you get help with this, as the risk of escape is very high before you have gained the trust of your dog.


After arrival

  • Shortly after your return home, you will be called by your Contact person again. Your Contact Person will follow you, and your dog during your first half year together in Sweden.
  • When you adopt a dog through DogRescue, you also have access to the Adopters' own Facebook group "The Spreaders of Joy" - where dog owners and activists in the association meet in the dog's character.
  • There is nothing that makes us as happy as when things are going well for our "new Swedes" and we look forward to you sending us pictures and updates that we hope we can post on our Facebook page to everyone who may have followed your particular dog's journey since it arrived at our enclosure.