Alfons - Dog in Sweden

Name: Alfons
Age: Born 20 Nov 2017

Gender: Male
Weight (about): about 8 kg
Transfer : According to Eq

We received an email from Husse and Matt to Alfons who described his anxiety and his panic over having to leave this wonderful guy .. The email said:
This is the most devastating email we've ever written. It's our dog and he's like a child to us - we love this dog….

Alfons has been in Sweden for about a year and he is a wonderful dog who is so dearly loved by his family and it is a very tough decision now forced as Alfons does not thrive in a metropolitan environment where the uncertainty and safety disappears among motorcycles, buses, cars and a lot of noise but unfortunately it is precisely in the city you have to do the daily walks and for Alfons sake it is best if he can get to a slightly more rural environment where he can relax this stress that it means when living the center of town.

Husse writes:
Alfons is a very insecure guy and afraid of a lot of things. He is also incredibly smart and intelligent which also makes him probably over-analyze all his fears and have a hard time relaxing. He is incredibly easy-to-learn, he was the best of all on the chanterelle search course, was room clean for three days, all Nina Ottosson manages the games gallantly. Last month we trained him a lot and he understands exactly what to do immediately. He is the smartest dog we have met. Clicking the workout also makes him start to relax a little more outdoors.

His big favorite job is to take forest walks - something we do every weekend. Then he is a completely different dog. He can look for chanterelles and has a lot of patience with it, but you have to put out chanterelles for his nose is unfortunately not superb. Once you are part of his flock, you are his friend for life. He loves all his friends - but unfortunately it is difficult for other people if they come too close to his safe zone. Alfons would need a safe friend and a leader in his flock so he could let go and just feel safe and secure in his flock.

He has a lot of energy and is a funny dog ​​with great personality. He is also incredibly cute and looks like a puppy. Many people stop in the street and comment on what a cute dog we have.

Are you the one who can give this little guy a future in a quiet environment, preferably with a stable dog who can act as a mentor to Alfons, please contact us with an interest report to us ..
Alfons is located in the Stockholm area.