Name: Bubben
Age: Approximately 10 months - 1 years

Gender: Male
Weight (about):
Transfer : 5500: -

This little guy came to our fence and crawled along with the gates next to the fence to be seen.
He tried everything he could and turned on the great charm to really get the help and attention he needed. A happier dog that was brought into the fence when Cornel opened the gates and fetched him we have rarely seen and that incredibly fine charm he has retained several times ..

Bubben is one year old and loves to find little cuddles, he is always happy and he is so happy as soon as anyone cares about him .. Letting Bubben stay in the fence over winter can be devastating for such a happy and lively dog who is always in his best mood and tries to charm everything and everyone to have a good time together.

If you are interested in giving Bubben a home before the winter, please contact us with an interest report: