Name: Eros
Age: 2019

Gender: Male
Weight (about):  
Transfer : 2000 :-

To tell the whole story of Eros would take a long time and every time we think about it, it hurts our hearts so much. Eros was found by Rudi when he and his sister Athena came running towards Rudi's car out in the country. Rudi immediately saw that someone had cut off both Athena's and Ero's legs after the thigh and suspected that it was because they might not be able to escape from the owner. A trauma that these two had to endure and where they must have heard each other's screams after the pain when their legs were cut off.
This made the siblings tighter than ever and Eros did everything in his power to protect his sister. However, it did not end here..

We immediately made the decision that no one could share this pair of siblings as they had undergone the same trauma with the same owner, BUT... In February 2022 we needed help in the fence and were also offered this by another association where we went in and paid all travel, costs and all when we were in urgent need of help with some dogs. Our nightmare started there and then.. The people came and we talked about which dogs we needed help with but they did the opposite.. They took dogs that were socialized and were ready to go home, they registered them and they shifted names of many of our dogs. We discovered this after a few days but didn't really understand that you could do this.. Something we also mentioned was that no one was allowed to share Eros and his sister Athena.

The people went into the kennels, took dogs that they thought were nice and simply took them to an enclosure that was nearby because you had a transport the following week to their country where you then adopted the dogs out, you made excuses about the dogs like they suffered, that they bullied each other and that they attacked each other.. They went in completely sonic and snatched Athena from Eros with the reason that he attacked her, then they placed Eros at the back of the fence where he neither saw nor heard where his Athena went . The night that followed was terrible for Eros, he broke out of his kennel and he searched and searched for his beloved sister who had been taken from him. A trauma that no one should have to experience, but which they completely ignored because they wanted Athena..

In order for Eros to change his mind, we got help with a rehabilitation place for him and he moved down to this center where he is still today.
Now we and the rehab staff want him to come home, to avoid living in a shelter environment and for his chance to come... He has been rehabilitated for a long time, but we don't want to move him back to the enclosure that he saw brusquely and brutally lost his sister in. Eros needs a change of environment and to come home

Eros has 3 legs, he cannot bear to walk long distances and a short walk of 5-10 minutes is just enough to not strain his body too much. He needs a garden that is fenced in where he can just snuggle up and take it easy and where he can be alone with his master or mistress. Eros needs to live as a single dog as he will not be exposed to more trauma and where he will feel like the only dog ​​that you really care about. He should also not live with children and for those of you who are interested, you must understand all of this guy's trauma, have understanding, time and patience and absolutely be used to traumatized dogs.

We know that there are some requirements that come with this guy but it must not go wrong more times because of other people's needs as he has to feel safe at some point

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