Fonzo - Booked

Name: Fonzo
Age: Born 2014

Gender: Male
Size: about 59 cm high - 62 cm long
Weight (about): about 20 kg
Transfer : 5.500: -

Fonzo came to us from Lacu Sarat, which was once a dead fence. Many dogs lost their lives there due to both starvation and abuse but as a miracle, Fonzo managed and we were able to take him along with many more dogs that were threatened to life. We got a guy who was scared to death, terrified of everything and everyone and they have worked hard to try to regain his confidence .. Fonzo has developed and he is now no longer the scared little dog that once came to us. He is a happy, somewhat mischievous boy who wants to cuddle and be the one to be seen for the wonderful guy he has turned out to be. To let him remain in the hedge would not be good as he with all he can try to get the love he had not previously received or dared to receive .. We hope that Fonzo now gets his chance to experience a completely different life than the one is in a fence.

Are you interested in giving Fonzo a nice and safe life where he never again needs to fear for his life and can continue to be the charm he turned out to be so hear from you with a statement of interest to us.