Name: Titania
Age: Born Sept - 2018

Gender: Bitch
Size: about 44 cm high, 51 cm long
Weight (about): about 15 kg
Transfer : 3.000: - Transfer cost reduced, see below. Big thanks to Barbro ..

One day we were asked if we could help as the staff at Volvo Trucks in Bucharest were desperate. Inside their yard were Mother Amazon and 6 of her puppies where Titania was one of them. It was winter and it was cold and the staff were sad when they got on their passports and also when they went home for the day, they knew that Mama Amazon was out there in the cold fighting with their little ones ..

Day was decided and both puppies and mom were picked up because the nice staff really saw and wanted to help the small family. Unfortunately, 2 died of the siblings and 4 sisters remained who now seek their forever home. Growing up in a fence is not good for a small puppy as there must be security and care and love, which is difficult to catch in a fence with 200 dogs. We now hope that Titania and siblings will soon be able to come to their own families where they can grow up in a safe environment ..
One wish from Volvo Trucks was that this little family would be named after the truck models but since no guy survived we have done what we can to get a similar name for most of the puppies who turned out to be girls all ..

We thank Barbro for her generous efforts in contributing to Titania's transfer costs for this girl to find her family before the winter. Big thanks to Barbro from a waiting Titania ..

If you are interested in giving Titania a fresh start in life where she can feel safe, please contact us with an interest report.