Albin (Albu)

Name: Albin
Age: Year of birth 2012

Gender: Male
Weight (about):
Transfer : 3.700: -

Albin or Albu as he is called down in Romania for his white color has now been sitting in the fence for a long time and needs to come home and feel some love in a family of his own.
Albin was admitted over a year ago to our little clinic for treatment and belongs to one of the dogs where the owner never showed up and wanted to bring his dog back. Albin was abandoned and also one of the thousands of dogs that never get a second chance. Maybe we can give her that as he is now in our fence and looking for his own home. Albin doesn't really like leash but you work feverishly with that bit in the hedge and until the day he puts the paws on Swedish soil he will be the leash.

Are you interested in giving Albin a nice and safe life where he can age in peace and quiet then hear from you with an interest report to us