Andy - Booked

Name: Andy
Age: Born about 2017

Gender: Male
Size: about 60 cm long, about 51 cm high
Weight (about): about 17 kg
Transfer : 5.500: -

Andy is a guy who is affectionate and likes to cuddle the few moments the staff has the time. He has been sitting in our fence for a long time and we hope this guy is seen sometime so that he can come home too. Despite his beautiful exterior and fine interior, he has not been able to find his family that he so desperately needs. Andy is another dog who came from the municipal fence Unirea where he, like so many others, was on the death list and it was at the last second that he was rescued from the claws of death ..

A beautiful guy who so longs for a family of his own..Maybe it is you..Contact us with an interest report if you want to give this guy a safe hug.

If you are interested in bringing Andy home, please contact us with an interest registration