Apple - Booked

Name: Appel
Age: Born 2017

Gender: Male
Weight (approx.): 15 kg 
Transfer : 7.300: -

This is a calm k who is curious but a bit wait-and-see until he gets to know you. Appel has been in our enclosure for far too long and before that he came from an enclosure where the new owner forbade people not to go and feed and take care of the dogs. Days went by when they got no food and no human contact at all.. 

Appel is a happy guy despite this and he would really blossom if only given a chance. We hope to find you here who want to give Apple a normal life with lots of security and love. In that case, get in touch with us with a notification of interest:

NOTE! When you have sent your interest, keep an eye on your inbox for spam as our first answers may end up there.