Name: Buster
Age: Dec- 2022

Gender: Male
Weight (about):  
Transfer : 7.300: -

This little boy is one of the boys in the "Fetita's puppies" sibling group and there are many of us who remember the woman with the cats where Bianca went and helped castrate several of the woman's cats.
She received a call from a neighbor in the immediate area that the woman also had a dog that came to her house and gave birth to puppies there. When the woman then went on strike and no longer wanted to continue neutering her cats, Bianca took Mamma Fetita and the puppies to our enclosure as we no longer trusted the woman who didn't seem to care about the little family. Now that mother Fetita has come home, the puppies are still there and they too are now ripe to come home, so we are looking for the siblings' home as they want to start a new life now that the mother is no longer there.

If you are the one who can give Buster a nice continued life, please contact us with a notification of interest:

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