Name: Casper
Age: about 2 - 3 years

Gender: Male
Size: about 48 cm high
Weight (about): about 10 kg
Transfer : 5.500: -

In the middle of the ongoing castration campaign where we opened the gates to people who wanted help for their animals, Rudi received a message that became an urgent effort ..
On a farm in an area a good distance from our fence there were 10 dogs that were trapped without food and water and you do not know how long they have been there without help. The man who owned these was a poor man who had neither food nor anything to them and he had gone to the hospital where it turned out that both his legs were amputated .. The dogs did not have a chance ..

Casper was one of those 10 dogs that came with our 9 dogs to our fence and is a guy that he also likes, he makes play invitations but does not really know if it is ok or if it is right what he does. He wants to play with you and look curious if you are kind and if it is ok which it probably has not always been or is when you stand with so many dogs in the same kennel.
Casper is a real charm role who is constantly curious about the man he has actually seen is kind ..

If you want to give Casper a future he needs well where he can get to be a dog and a dear family member, please contact us with an interest report.