Name: Chessy
Age: Year of birth 2016

Gender: Bitch
Weight (about):
Transfer : 5500: -

When we first saw Chessy, she was so scared to even meet people. She was strolling along the walls of the kennel and she was shaking as she walked up to her..When we first got proof that she really loved man but did not dare we shed many tears when we saw the little "waving" on the tail. Chessy wanted but didn't dare ..

Now she has worked hard on her socialization and now it is time for Chessy to continue to flourish as she has done lately in the hedge. She is doing well in leash and she is so grateful for every minute the staff has over for her just ..

We never know what happened to her, but we suspect the worst when she came from Unirea's municipal fence where she, like so many others, sat on death's list and in the behavior she showed earlier, she has probably been abused several times .. That then really again dare to trust the human hand is fantastic ..

If you are interested in continuing to give this nice girl a life of security, please contact us with an interest report.