Cool – Booked

Name: Swallow
Age: April – 2023

Gender: Bitch
Weight (about):  
Transfer : 7.300: -

Lärka and Svala were two little puppies who had been dumped in a ditch and when Madalin and Bianca came driving they saw something moving in the grass.
Two little girls looked out and were happy that someone took pity on them and both girls were taken into the enclosure. Unfortunately, sister Lärka did not survive and Swallow was left alone. Despite the loss, Svala is a very happy puppy who needs a family of her own where she can feel safe and where she gets the love she missed when she no longer has the security of her sister.. Svala needs to come home

If you are interested, get in touch and maybe Svala will soon get a reserved place in the transport home before winter.

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