Name: Dottie
Age: 24 August -2022

Gender: Bitch
Weight (approx.): 12 kg
Transfer : 7.300: -

Many of us remember the skinny girl who showed up at Cornel's house one evening, starved and so skinny you could count her ribs. We asked Cornel to keep track of where she was going as we saw clear signs that she had puppies somewhere. After a couple of days, Cornel returned with the news that he had found her puppies, 6 of which a neighbor took care of until we had the opportunity to take them in. Dottie was one of these.

We assisted with feed and bed and through Roxana got a place in foster care and soon a difficult day would begin. Transport was decided, but the neighbor did not want to give up all the puppies. He wanted to keep two and persuasion began through Cornel. In the end he would release all but one puppy.
We had to go through our thoughts with ice in our stomachs, what do we do if we make demands and he doesn't let go.. The only way we could do was to make demands.

All with mother or none at all and then we would be freed from responsibility regarding vaccinations, feed etc. After many hours he gave up and to ensure that we would not run into more problems when the transport was to pick up the little family the next day, Cornel took the mother with puppies and they had to spend the night temporarily in our enclosure.. This was Dottie's rescue and a start to a new life.

Now that Dottie is of age, we would like to see that she too gets to come home, home to someone who sees her as the fine little girl she is.
If you are interested in giving Dottie a home, please contact us with a notification of interest

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