Name: Cher
Age: Year of birth 2017

Gender: Bitch
Weight (about):
Transfer : 5.500: -

In the middle of the ongoing castration campaign where we opened the gates to people who wanted help for their animals, Rudi received a message that became an urgent effort ..
On a farm in an area a good distance from our fence there were 10 dogs that were trapped without food and water and you do not know how long they have been there without help. The man who owned these was a poor man who had neither food nor anything to them and he had gone to the hospital where it turned out that both his legs were amputated .. The dogs did not have a chance ..

Cher was one of these 10 dogs that came to our fence and has proven to be a wonderful dog that needs a lot of attention and who constantly wants to show up but not yet dare. Cher is a girl who is slowly daring to crawl out of her shell. A cautious girl who never really had anyone who cared about her without ever disappearing into the crowd .. She shows so clearly that she wants to become your friend if she can only trust you.

Do you want to give Cher a future that she did not know existed so please contact us with an interest report to us ..