Name: Fanta
Age: Born June – 2022

Gender: Bitch
Weight (about):  
Transfer : 6.300: -

As Fanta did not have the same courage as her brother Cola who chose to show up at our gates, it took two days after the rescue of her brother before she too was found. We don't even want to think about how scared and desperate she was when her brother disappeared and she was left in the tall grass all alone. Without food and water and at this time the degrees went up to 40 degrees..

Cornel was walking along the road when he spotted something small running across the road and then realized that it must be Cola's siblings. He looked and further by the side of the road sat this little girl, hungry and so scared that she was shaking.. The meeting with her brother was overwhelming to see both from Cola's side and from Fanta's side who now got to reunite with her brother and also got to feed the little stomachs with food.. This pair of siblings have lived together since then but at the beginning of January we expect both to be ready to go home to their own family and their own safety where they are wanted.. We hope you are out there who can be Imagine your own family.

As we see that Fanta needs to come home, we have now lowered her transfer as we hope to see her home before winter.

If you are interested in giving Fanta a home, please contact us with a notification of interest

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