Name: Harley
Age: 27 June- 2022

Gender: Male
Weight (about):  
Transfer : 7.300: -

When Madalin and Bianca were on their way to shop one day in September, they saw something moving in the tall grass right next to the main road. They stopped the car and a small puppy came up, from experience you always look for more puppies in its vicinity and very true there were three more puppies that hid a little further into the field. Harley was one of these.. As usual, these were dumped to a cruel fate and there was no mother.. You simply wanted to get rid of the puppies and then you usually do this, dump them to meet certain death.

Unfortunately two of the puppies died but Harley and his brother Duke are the two guys that survived. As the lack of space is huge and Harley has now reached the age that allows us to look for his due date home, we now hope that there is one out there, we do not want any puppy to have to grow up in a fenced environment as these need the love and care which only a family or a husband and wife can give.

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