Name: Marvin
Age: Year of birth 2017

Gender: Male
Weight (about):
Transfer : 5.500: -

This guy is one of the 7 dogs we together rescued from the fence of death in Vaslui. A fence where hundreds of dogs were waiting for death and where despite the number of dogs you could hear a pin drop. When the woman who was going to reserve dogs in one of the kennels, Marvin came to her to ask for mercy, at that very moment he was attacked and chased by a bigger dog who did not know where the frustration was going and we feared after the video we saw that Marvin had been killed, which is not unusual in these fences.

We told the woman to pick him out immediately if he was still alive and this became his rescue as well. A rescue that made him win his life back when he, as a doomed man, waited for death .. Now Marvin is getting ready to come home, to get to a security where he never has to wait and be afraid of these vital issues attacks that are constantly happening in these fences ..

We hope that there is someone out there for this nice guy as well and if you want to get in touch with us please contact us