Nala – Booked

Name: Nala
Age: Born May – 2022

Gender: Bitch
Weight (about):  
Transfer : 7.300: -

We received a distress call from Bucharest's own sing and song writer Cezar whom we have known for many years about puppies that his girlfriend's parents had but could not take care of. The animal-loving couple had done everything they could, but since they had already taken care of 8 homeless animals in the village, there was neither room nor money for them. Since people in their village do not like dogs, they were promised that they could "take care of dom” and get rid of all the puppies which means poisoning or killing them. Desperate, the couple contacted various organizations, none could help.

The solution to help was that Roxana, who we work with, could go there, vaccinate and deworm and we assisted with feed and a hutch for them so we got a chance to build our own kennel for them as we didn't have space.. A kennel was built and the puppies were fully vaccinated then they moved to us. As they are now fully vaccinated and also neutered, it is time to look for their own homes and we hope that one of these will get a chance at a life where they are wanted.. Several of these puppies have little or no tail and we strongly suspect that the rats have bitten off their tails as this is common when they are forced to live outside the way they have.. Nala is the only girl in the group of siblings and one of 6 who has her tail left.

If you are interested in giving Nala a home, please contact us with a notification of interest

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