Name: Pollux
Age: Born April – 2022

Gender: Male
Weight (about):  
Transfer : 7.300: -

Many of us remember this guy and his brother Castor when Cornel saw them on the street in the village a little way from our fence.
Both were sick and had lost so much fur not to mention how malnourished these boys were. The mother was running in the area and we wanted to get the whole family in quickly to be able to help them. After a couple of days of searching, Cornel found their hiding place, in a dilapidated house where no one had lived for a long time. In the middle of the rush, they huddled together and after some coaxing, Cornel got both boys inside. With the hope that the mother would show up, they tried to return with food and water, but she ran for her life and we asked the neighbors to call if she came back. Unfortunately, this did not happen and now the boys have grown, become nice and healthy and are the happiest guys in the world..

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