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Name: Alma
Age: January – 2023

Gender: Bitch
Weight (about):  
Transfer : 7.300: -

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When Madalin arrived one afternoon in March with her friend, they saw several puppies running across the narrow road. There was nothing around, fields upon fields and not a house for several kilometers. They stopped the car and got out, the puppies ran straight down a deep ditch and the terrain was very difficult to access. Madalin did not give up and made her way through the steep and winding ditch.

Once there was a deep hole where the puppies had taken shelter.. He got five of the puppies in but without a shovel or anything else, he had to give up as the other two had crawled far down into the hole. The evening came and it started to rain, Madalin couldn't let go of the thought that the remaining puppies could be buried alive where the race risk was now enormous due to heavy rain. Madalin's friend came again and they went there, this time he managed to get hold of the last puppies who were terrified and soaked..

Now we want to find homes for these people where their lives really hung on a very fragile thread and they really deserve to get far away from the country they were not wanted in..

If you are the one who can give Alma a continued nice life in security, please contact us with a notification of interest:

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