Sponsor our Fence

25,000.00 kr

Become a sponsor of the DogRescue association and support our important work in Hägnet

As among Sponsor of Hägnet paid one lump sum to DogRescue - via Invoice, Credit Card or Swish.
Your money goes to the operation and development of our private dog fence for the better, for all the hundreds of dogs that live there. Our fence is one of the few that is authorized by the authorities and meets all the requirements regarding permits, environment, care, safety and health. We have our own smaller veterinary clinic adjacent to the fence and our own Activation Park with a dog pool where the dogs get to play and get a moment for themselves. The majority of employed dog caretakers and veterinarians ensure that the daily operations are taken care of. DogRescue's board and travelers also travel continuously to our fence to meet our dogs with staff. But it costs to operate a fence. Every day, several hundred dogs are fed with food several times a day. The dogs must be socialized and preventative care is needed in the form of multiple vaccinations on each individual dog. Some dogs are lucky enough to be adopted and come to a new family home in Sweden. But too many, unfortunately, remain. Your company can make a big effort here, by helping us maintain a high standard and develop our fence so that more dogs can be taken care of and saved.

The sum is deductible, which means that your company gets back 25%.

Your thanks to your support are:

  • Diploma with company name that you can display on your company and website.
  • Mentioned on DogRescue's website which has over 10 000 unique visitors per month.
  • DogRescue profile products for your company. We call you and you can choose between T-shirts, Caps, Pens and Gift Tags to give to employees or Customers. A Great Way to Show Your Customers That Your Business Makes a Difference!
  • Mentioned on DogRescue's Facebook page with over 60 000 Swedish organic followers.

Your company's support means a lot.