Name: Teddy
Age: about 2-3 years

Gender: Male
Size: About 51 cm high, about 60 cm long
Weight (about): about 18 kg
Transfer : 3.000: - Transfer cost reduced see below, Big thanks Barbro ..

The fact that this guy has been owned and lived in a family, we understand when he is unhappy in the fence's environment. Teddy is a dog that is really full of energy and wants to be all around. He is an active dog who likes to work and who likes to move and that being trapped in a kennel is not good as he does not know where to do with all his joy and energy that he is full of. Teddy is a cozy happy and lively guy who listens to what you say and who wants to make you happy.

We thank Barbro for her generous efforts to contribute to Teddy's transfer costs for Teddy to find his family before the winter. Big thanks to Barbro from a waiting Teddy ..

If you want to give Teddy a chance to a life he must have, please contact us with a statement of interest