Treateaters Chicken Nuggets, 70 g

25 kr

Chicken breast fillet of the highest quality. 70g.

Protein / Proteinia 70%
Fat / Fat / Rasvaa 2%
Fiber / Kuituja 0,3%
Water / Water / Water / Water 16%

This product is suitable for use in dogs 12 months of age or older. If your dog shows allergic or other adverse symptoms, stop giving the product to your dog immediately. Do not use to replace feed or parts of a meal. Do not give in large quantities, the product is intended as a snack. Always monitor your dog when it receives chews or treats, and ensure that it has access to fresh water. Store the product in a dry and cool environment. The package contains a deoxidizer, it must never be given to the dog.

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Contains: Chicken breast fillet of the highest quality.

Manufacturer: Third Theater

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