Name: Wilmer
Age: Year of birth 2018

Gender: Male
Size: 58 cm high, 63 cm long
Weight (about): about 18-19 kg
Transfer : 5.500: -

Maybe you remember the little guy who came running from the main road and where he became overjoyed when Mihai came up to him and met up .. A housekeeper, an owner and a gunman to crawl close by, the fight for food and water was over and the rescue became that he dared, he took courage and he came absolutely right ..

Wilmer is an incredibly happy guy who is so full of energy that he does not know where to make it and that standing in a kennel does not work. Wilmer is because of this energy quite hard-handed in his games with other dogs which can be misunderstood and this also makes him stand alone in a kennel today, we are therefore looking for a home without a dog as he needs all the attention and love he has never received before. Wilmer is an amazing guy who does not want to let go without you all the time want you to sit and cuddle with him as there is a flaw in the fence.
Wilmer needs to come home…

Do you want to give this guy the life he really deserves and need so please contact us with a statement of interest to us