Taste of the Wild - grain-free dog food with a taste from the wild, without antibiotics

What does a wolf eat? Taste of the Wild dog food is a cereal-free, high meat content, similar to the diet of dogs' wild relatives. In addition to meat, fruits and vegetables, the feed contains natural antioxidants and is available in many good flavors. Because the feed contains a lot of protein you should not choose this feed if your dog suffers from a kidney or liver disease. However, it is not dangerous to choose a food with a lot of protein for healthy dogs - on the contrary, this is good. If your dog is ill there, or shows symptoms of being ill, we recommend our veterinary food from instead Diamond Care.

Taste of the wild's feed is grain-free, which means better quality and more raw materials. The meat in all Taste of The Wilds products are free of hormones and antibiotics. And no irradiation takes place during production because irradiation does not remove all bacteria.

Remember that when you change dog food - always do it gradually. Replace 25% of the old feed with the new one for a few days. If the stool is solid, you can change another 25% for a few days. Continue like this until you have completely switched to the new dog food.

Try Taste of the Wild today for your dog you are with!